Tuesday, June 27, 2017

May Happenings

May went by in a blur, mostly because we were still recovering from Jonathan's graduation festivities.

Amy R. sent my birthday present with tons of confetti in the box.

Yes there is still confetti in our apartment to mix with the confetti I made for Jonathan's graduation party.

My dad accidentally left his Book of Mormon in the car he rented during his trip. This is the one he used on his mission and is overflowing with insight and notes. Thankfully, the car rental place had his precious book and we were able to pick it up for him. Jonathan took pictures of it, so I can fill my own Book of Mormon with his notes.

Those are not rain drops on my windshield. 
It snowed.
In the middle of May.
I still am not okay with that.

Some local graffiti in our apartment complex. In Utah, we sensor our language and use chalk so it can easily be washed away. (Even though it is still there.)

The peonies were blooming and gorgeous! I took this picture on my mom's birthday and never sent it to her. She loves peonies, but can't grow them in hot California. So, here's you're really late birthday flower Mom!

Spiritual Enlightenment: The Healing Ointment of Forgiveness

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