Friday, April 15, 2016


It's been a long time since I've posted anything, but we really haven't been up to much since we started serving as ordinance workers in the Provo Temple. When we finish our shift, we are exhausted both physically (from climbing all of those stairs!) and spiritually. I know with time we will be able to handle it.

The temple was closed for the General Women's session of General Conference as well as the General sessions the following Saturday. On the 26th, we had an Easter family BBQ with our Patterson cousins. My cousin Kinzie's son Mike refused to speak for at least an hour. Instead he would write notes on napkins. It was hilarious!

For Conference weekend, we went up to Idaho for our first trip of the year. In between sessions of conference, the kids showed off the new mat for their trampoline. Jonathan and I may or may not have been kindly asked to get off because we bounce too high.

During Ruby's nap, I painted with the big kids. I feel bad for not doing this sooner. Clara loves doing any kind of art project. I promised the kids that from now on I will bring paint supplies with me.

Seth's paintings had a very clear theme - military. When he grows up, he wants to be an Army Engineer.

The red plane blew up the first green plane, so a second green
plane blew up the red plane.
This is an aircraft carrier on the ocean.
This is a practice battlefield.
Clara's paintings were much more colorful. I love how she signed her name on the first one.

Clara is the one with red hair and Annie is the one with blue hair.

I love how her flower looks!
The next day after breakfast, Clara told me that I needed to come and take a picture of her and Ruby hiding in the couch.

During another break, we played outside. Ruby could have spent hours on the teeter totter.

After dinner, Annie made a delicious early birthday cake for me!

I love Ruby's solo at the beginning!

As much as we love serving in the temple, it was nice to have a break!

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