Sunday, August 18, 2013

Life Lately (According to My Phone)

Since I've been terrible at blogging this summer, I think I'll just share some pictures of what we've been up to since my last post.

Jonathan is just about everybody's favorite person to be with.

We realized that Tyler is part spider. He can 'walk' all the way down the stairs without touching the carpet.

For anyone that has seen the movie Pollyanna, I was able to eat her dream dinner of steak and ice cream. It was awesome! I wish I could have steak and ice cream every night for dinner!

My grandpa's brother Gerald came in to town and we were able to visit with him. He was very disappointed that I didn't bring a saxophone to play for him. (That's the next instrument I want to get!)

One night, Jonathan and I went on a walk and we ran into one of our friends from church and asked if we were going to the park to feed the bunnies. We had no idea that there were bunnies there and she gave us some of her left over carrots and we went to the park and sure enough, there were bunnies! We've gone back since then and there are some baby bunnies now!

For Mother's Day, I painted a small painting for my mom. It's the first one I've done since I was in elementary school!

We've been enjoying watching our cute little Charlotte grow up! 

Back in June, Tyler and I flew to Idaho to visit Chris's adorable family. This was Ty's first time on an airplane and he was so excited! (Though he didn't understand why we had to go through security.)

While we were there, we played outside, found rocks and worms, flew kites (that was mostly Annie and me), visited farmer Wayne and Denise (Annie's wonderful parents), picked strawberries, and fed ducks.

Finding worms in the sandbox.

Don't be fooled, this only lasted long enough to take the picture.

I love sweet little Clara.

Annie and I moved pipe because all boys (including my dad and brother) were at a huge Scout encampment.

Jonathan and I got a killer deal on a camera and have been going around taking some pictures.

I've been working all summer and I get to use a stack of Apple products.
They're not as new as the stuff my brother uses, but that's because he actually works for Apple and I don't!

Lyla loved playing with the balloons for her dad's birthday.

So this is what we've been up to. Lots of work and lots of playing with the nieces and nephews. We're so excited that Andy's family is moving to back to Roseville at the end of this month!

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