Monday, October 15, 2012

Boys Will Be Boys!

Almost a week and a half ago, Chris and Annie's cute little family came to visit with the cousins. Garrett and Seth (as usual) were so happy to be reunited. Towards the end of the visit, it was only Annie, Clara, the boys, and me at home. We let the boys play in the backyard by themselves. Well, after a while I heard a loud noises and instantly knew that they were throwing big rocks onto the cement. I ran out and caught them doing exactly that, along with a bunch dirt and little rocks all over the little patio. They were so happy and dirty that I just couldn't get mad at them, but I did make them keep the dirt in the garden box.

Seth's thinking about throwing the dirt onto the patio again.

Yes, Garrett is not wearing pants, but he is wearing underwear!
These two are such cute buddies!

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